From the reflections, the lights and the textures an endless city is formed that leads you to complexities. 


Where aspects are observed and valued, where the image shows you something that is not real, that something else is hidden at the level of detail. When the scale is higher and you lose yourself in the same specialty. 


Where geometry and colors blend into the same space. 


Static stage with symbolic elements. 

Through movement everything mutates and everything changes. 

This force produced by the universe itself makes each moment begin to have a different lighting and look in many aspects... 


From a desert where sand is the only component, an oasis can be perceived in the distance, a mirage where the optical illusion causes the inverted perception of distant objects, coming to form non-existent and totally imaginary situations.

Where objects with colors, sounds and personality are found.


Spaces where color is the main actor, allowing to form a real but magical spatiality, together with organic mirrors.

This work is treated as a portal where the real and the imaginary mutate.

Some Ideas

The complexity of elements, where it produces the metamorphosis of an idea, of a process, where the creator's mind goes further. 

Everything is assembled to give rise to the entire composition, having a link between each element and each color. 


From a gaze that cries, that is moved by being invaded by a world where the dynamic drags you and the speed of the specialties go beyond each being that is an inhabitant. 

Colors with face

Where experiences and what has been lived invade the body, through knowledge and understanding. 

This is how the unique understanding of each being about the world is explained through a glance. 

In the other hand

An ephemeral spatiality in music takes over and moves, where everything around and the context simply accompanies, these two hands which are interpreters of sounds, are made up of materials that will give them the prominence they need, and accompany the rhythm of the sounds in a mirrored way.

Like internal wings that recreate the internal composer of each one.


Exploration and search within the naturalness and anatomy of a hand.

The hand as creative agent in which each one lives.

An environment that is blurred is expressed, but there are natural elements such as water and other artificial elements such as the lights that surround the main element.

The hand seeks to be able to take control of nature and artificiality in order to control everything, it seeks to go further and be able to take the perception of the observer.


The energy transmission of elements towards the viewer, allowing to perceive and understand what is observed in different ways, understanding not only the symbols but also the general shapes and colors as a single composition. 

In a Blue trip

Where the limits disappear from the path and you can go further, where the composition of colors allows to flow within the ground, but the bright elements slow down the dynamic movement of the color itself, taking it in another direction. 

The very expression of the dynamic and the static. 

Sounds in the space

When the sounds become real, in this atmosphere they take a physical form which is influenced by every frequency and sensation, this is how this work arises.

 Inspired by the melodies of sounds themselves, in conjunction with visual perception. The way colors guide you and allows you to explore those utopian lands where a space becomes an experience. 

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