"Only those ideas that we live have value " 

Hermann Hesse

About us

Our great inspiration and motivation are complex specialties, we are interested in investigating and experimenting utopian and dynamic spaces, where they have movement and sounds. In addition, we have a special interest in the development of technology through art, where our focus is not on the technique, is in the idea which is developed based on various methods, which allows us to have many points of view, experiences and sensations.

Our main concept and which is found in each work is "perceptual metamorphosis" where the process of maturation of the idea allows exploring not only the viewer but also the artist. Many times from a sound or music, the perceptual idea begins to take shape, from a drawing and then transferring the physical to the digital, from a 3D model, giving movement to each element together with music and sound.

 Techniques are developed for: 

- Rendering (where light, shapes and colors are essential elements) 

- 3D modeling (geometry as the main actor) 

- Animation (movement together with reflections and materials) 

- Musical composition (finishing closing the last detail within the space, the sound)

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