Exterior design

The design experiments mixing nature with the final product in this way to be able to enjoy organic spaces.

The style of the previous models of the client was followed and at the same time mixing my own ideas.

In this way achieving an original product standing out from the other models.

People responded in a very good way, because being able to merge nature with design gives very good results.

Residential building

This project is a design of an apartment in a building that has an outdoor space with a swimming pool.

The main idea is minimalism, trying to combine materials with furniture.

Forming a contemporary vision of the space.

Residential house

The design of the house was designed for a family, where you can enjoy all the moments of life.

Inside, pure materials were used in the living room, where a wooden wall was designed.

Sets of white and dark in the kitchen.

Outside all possible space was used, where there are green spaces and pool space.

The project was approved by the client and is currently under construction. 

Quadpark / Skatepark

This project was developed for a very damaged and poor area of ​​the city.

The idea was to revalue urban areas through sport. In this case skateboarding and quadsakte.

Looking for the quality and improvement of the city in more disadvantaged areas.

There is a hockey rink, a derby rink and a skatepark.

The most important thing was to maintain the existing vegetation, on the other hand, there were large concrete floors where the hockey and roller derby court is developed.

The skatepark was designed adapting to the movement of the topography.

All the elements that already existed on the site are kept.

The people of the neighborhood were very happy to see such a project develop in the neighborhood. 

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